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Margarita 7 day / 6 nights

Erstellt am Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012. Veröffentlicht in Packages/Tours

... paseo el lancha por los manglares, vista de caballitos de mar y ramificaciones de ostras, al llegar a la playa, degustación de ostras y refrigerio. 18 pm registró en hotel y cena. Día 5: 8 am desayuno ...


Erstellt am Sonntag, 13. November 2011. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

Aerotuy is the largest travel operation in Los Roques - they also provide flights, and other Posadas (Vistalmar, La Plaza and Las Palmeras). In the daytime you can enjoy a cruise on one of Aerotuys Catamarans. ...

La Vista Cabañas & Spa

Erstellt am Montag, 15. August 2011. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

VIP apartment with a very modern kitchen with brand-new appliances, if only to prepare coffee or tea. In the fridge there are juices, Perrier, imported beer, some yogurt and a drawer in an assortment of ...

Posada El Cují

Erstellt am Samstag, 04. Juni 2011. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

... y lo sientes gratísimo a la vista. Las habitaciones son bellísimas, con todas las comodines de baño, aire acondicionado, tv con cable y unas camas deliciosas con sábanas de ...

Caribean Lodge Suites Vista Hermosa

Erstellt am Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2009. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

With 18 apartments all complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, kitchen and a view that goes from Playa El Agua to the lighthouse in Pampatar. There is a small pool and Spa, beauty salon and massage ...

Posada Casa Piedra

Erstellt am Samstag, 19. September 2009. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

The house is overlooking the Santa Ana and the town of Buena Vista. Great colors, pictures and art. With huge pool.  ...

Posada Casa Real

Erstellt am Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

... vigilancia y estacionamiento interno. Si lo solicitan ofrecen las tres comidas en su salón comedor, con vista al poblado de Cubiro y la cordillera andina.     ...

Vista Al Mar

Erstellt am Samstag, 25. April 2009. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

The rooms open onto a corridor from where you can see the ocean and feel the breeze. A small pool with two bathrooms, a hut with tables and chairs, a barbecue with a large inn, ideal for a celebration, ...

Vista Montaña

Erstellt am Samstag, 28. März 2009. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Lodges

It is in the middle of the mountain, with spacious and well kept gardens, a wonderful terrace that serves as dining room, open to the general public. Nice rooms with furniture made from Pimientillo, a ...

Hotel Bella Vista

Erstellt am Sonntag, 16. November 2008. Veröffentlicht in Accommodation/Hotels

All rooms feature all the amenities and have balconies overlooking the sea. There are five rooms for corporate and social events ranging from 6 to 250 people. There is an open hut by the sea and next to ...
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